Chim’s Talk Africa Season 1 Episodes


Episode 1: Land Expropriation without Compensation

On this 1st episode of Chimstalk, we discuss Land Expropriation without compensation – one of the most debated issues in South Africa this year. My guests Peter Rasmussen and Peter Makapela unpack the biblical response to this thorny issue. What do you think?


Episode 2: Where Was The Church During The Mugabe Years

Mugabe may have resigned yet it’s important that as believers in Africa we ask the questions of where was the Church in Zimbabwe all those 38 years of his rule. Our guest is Dr Kenneth Mtata the Secretary General of the Zimbabwe Council of Churches and he helps us to learn how to engage and be God’s prophetic voice to those in power.


Episode 3: Democracy taking root in Africa?

Africa is rising democratically! Whereas some years ago coup d’états used to be the normal now almost every country has some form of democratic process or another. True many of these are not very credible yet there is shift for which we must thank God. Fela Durotoye the popular presidential aspirant for Nigeria 2019 elections joins me this week to analyze Africa’s democratic landscape and point the Church and believers to how to facilitate godly government in our nations. I also interview Hon Collins Kajawa from Malawi Parliament on the Malawi 2019 election hopefuls.


Episode 4: Togo - What's Happening? What is God doing?

Togo the tiny West Africa has been going through none stop civil and political tension since the national wide protests broke out August 2017. Mr Sabi Iyatan a former DG in the government joins me to explain what is really happening and what the church can do.


Episode 5: Passion - Understanding and Succeeding in God's call for your life

International award-winning architect and entrepreneur Olajumoke Adenowo is my guest this week as we explore the matter of passion and how to fulfil God’s call on your life in spite of the disadvantaged environment we find ourselves in.


Episode 6: What are Christians in Power doing to empower the poor?

In this first part of a two-part interview of two political leaders in South Africa from opposing parties (Dr Kenneth Meshoe president of ACDP and Mr Siboniso Duma of ANC) but also Christian leaders, we look at how and why black political power in South Africa doesn’t seem to be translating quick enough to Black economic power. If corruption is the culprit what are Christians in power doing to change things? This conversation gets heated at times! Also we celebrate the giant changes the new Ethiopian PM Aby Ahmed is making.


Episode 7: Two sides of the land expropriation without compensation debate

This episode these two opposing Christian leaders – Dr Kenneth Meshoe president of ACDP and Mr Siboniso Duma of ANC tackle the big issue of land expropriation without compensation – the most debated issue in South Africa in 2018. And even though each is seeking to underdog it as a believer they arrive at direct conclusions. Also a look at the recent Zimbabwe elections.


Episode 8: Christian in politics & Cameroon: understanding what is happening

My guests are Prof Remi Sonaiya the only female presidential candidate in the last elections in Nigeria and Mr Sean Akinrele- a lawyer and activist. They attempt to debunk the myth that politics is dirty and not for Christians. Then I interview Apostle Pierre NGNANGOCK from Yaoundé to put the ongoing crisis in anglophone Cameroon in God’s perspective.


Episode 9: Nigeriaphobia

His Excellency Hon. Ambassador Mr. Godwin Adama, the Consul General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in South Africa is my guest and we talk about why Nigerians are often hated and what the church can do about it. Also we praise President Nana Akufo-Addo for the free Senior High School policy in Ghana.


Episode 10: From Trials to Triumph - Part 1

In this first part of a two-part interview, Kola Olugbodi, the CEO of Background Check International (BCI) and his wife Toyin takes us on a very heart touching conversation around the story in Kola’s book ‘THROUGH IT ALL’. They share so openly about Kola’s handicap as a baby, the struggles he faced growing up and the struggle Toyin faced in deciding to marry a man with a disability. It’s a very encouraging and challenging conversation. Chim also takes us on a journey to the island of Mayotte.


Episode 11: From Trials to Triumph - Part 2

Kola and Toyin Olugbodi in this concluding part of the story around Kola’s inspiring book ‘THROUGH IT ALL’ walks us through how God turned their years of trials into triumph. From hitting rock bottom they share how God brings them to birthing the pioneer background check company in West Africa. They clearly show us that with God no disability can hold us back for nothing is impossible!


Episode 12: South Africa is the most economically unequal society in the world

South Africa is the most economically unequal society in the world and the Church has a part to play in addressing this need! Chim interviews Andrew Kirby (CEO of Toyota South Africa) and Dumile Cele, CEO of Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry about what the Church must do.


Episode 13: Foxes in the Vineyard

Sean Akinrele, author of FOXES IN THE VINEYARD is my guest in this episode. He contends that some of the practices in African charismatic churches have their roots in African traditional religions. God is bringing a revival in the church aimed and bringing her back to the Bible.


Episode 14: Can women have it all?

Can women have it all? Jumoke Adenowo my guest this weekend says ‘yes’. This has nothing to do with the feminist movement but rather an insightful look at God’s call on women in Africa.


Episode 15: Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is still a challenge across Africa and God calls the church to be engaged in changing the situation. Danielle Gradwell and Sindi Khanyile who serve with Africa Cares For Life are two women who are providing God’s answer by equipping pregnancy centres and ultimately the churches to make a difference


Episode 16: Worship4Change

Wale Adenuga is a popular Nigeria Christian artist and composer of the song ‘Today O’. He shares about the heart of worship and his new initiative ‘Worship4Change’ that is using worship as a means of philanthropy.


Episode 17: How to Break Away

Our guest is Dr Conrad Oranye and We look at how to break away from the tyranny of the material.


Episode 18: Being a disciple in a market place

This weekend our guest Lere Baale is the CEO of Business School of Netherlands, and he will be talking about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ in the Market place.


Episode 19: Youth Unemployment in Africa

We look at youth unemployment in Africa and what God calls the Church to do.


Episode 20: Two women. Two countries. Same heart

Two women. Two countries. Same heart – step out of their comfort to risk it for change and for Christ. I interview Dr Mrs Oby Ezekwesili of #bringbackourgirls and Linda Ofori-Kwafo the Ghanaian anti-corruption watchdog.


Episode 21: How to fulfill God’s call on your life

We look back at our interview with International award-winning architect and entrepreneur Olajumoke Adenowo as we explore the matter of passion and how to fulfil God’s call on your life in spite of the disadvantaged environment we find ourselves in.