Welcome to

Chim’s Talk Africa

Chim’sTALK Africa is a weekly 30-minutes TV talk show that helps Christians around Africa to get God’s perspective on the issues facing Africa so as to rightly understand and properly engage our times as the salt and light that we are called to be.


The vision of this weekly talk show is simply to provoke conversations that will lead to actions around the pressing issues facing Africa today. And to do this by engaging top leaders in the socio political space who profess faith in Christ. The goal will be to break down the dichotomy between what we believe and how it’s impacting on our societies.


Who is

Chim Onyebilanma?

Chim is the host of Chim’sTALK Africa. Chim is married to Ibi Onyebilanma. Chim and Ibi are the visionaries behind this vision. For over two decades they have carried in their heart the vision to see this birthed.


Chim has always had a strong Pan-African zeal mixed with his passion to see Christ exalted all across Africa.


His heart to see the GoodNews of Jesus taken to the ends of the earth led him to abandon his profession as an engineer in 1995 to become a full-time cross-cultural missionary to the unreached peoples of Africa and beyond. He is a mission leader with CAPRO MISSIONS – a foremost cross-cultural missions agency started in 1975 focused on evangelizing the unreached peoples of Africa and beyond, particularly Muslims. And his ministry takes him into many parts of Africa.


He is an author of several books and the host of the weekly radio talk show Chim’sTalk on GNCR FM in Durban. He is a commentator on Africa issues. His passion for the transformation of Africa, his continuous travels around Africa for 25 years, his up-to-date acquaintance with the continent’s current issues as well as his extensive network across Africa uniquely positions him like few other Christian leaders to have his fingers on the pulse of the developments in Africa as well as to be able to correctly interpret them.


It is all of this and more that he brings to his radio and TV talk show as well as his itinerant teaching ministry.