Why Chim’sTalk Africa – why do we need a Christian talk show focus on African issues


Good question.

The point is that Chim’sTalk Africa is a whole different type of Christian Talk show. Presently there are very few shows dealing with these issues on these kinds of platforms. And those that are, are mostly focused on individual countries in Africa. Chim’sTalk Africa is deliberately pan-African. Every week the focus is on more than one country in Africa. 

The point is that even though millions of Christians in Africa watch Christian TV religiously yet the bulk of the content is aimed at recreating church services and leaves the tackling of social issues and current affairs, and hence the moulding of minds, to the secular networks. Chim’sTALK provides a Platform for Christians – especially Christian leaders, to grapple with these issues and find answers from a Biblical world-view.

We have very few Christian initiatives that are addressing the issue of governance in the politics of Africa.  Indeed Christians in Africa are in a position to influence things on the continent more than ever before. More and more Evangelical Christian politicians are rising all across Africa. This show will provide one of such desperately needed platforms.

We want to get the Church and Christian leaders (and indeed every Africa believer) to get their heads out of the sand and begin discussing some of the issues we do not often discuss from our pulpits, like tribalism, corruption, human trafficking; discipleship   in the marketplace, and how to be salt and light in the corridors of power. 

There are too few good examples of successful Christ-honouring governance in the public arena available in the spotlight. This show’s goal is to put the spotlight on the pockets of good example all across Africa. We will regularly be searching out and interviewing Christians who have already made this connection. Our conversations will focus on outstanding Christian leaders in the political space, who have been able to think through and actually find a model that works. It will help to bring these ones to the platform to show others what God is doing and how it can be done

These are not preaching sessions but rather we offer a ‘no holds barred’ discussion in a Christ-honoring atmosphere. 

Instead of leaving the issues facing Africa to the secular media, like CNN and BBC Africa, to discuss, this project will provide a way by which we can take these issues that are ours and provoke a conversation, provoke a way of thinking from God’s Perspective, that will influence governance and direction all across the countries in Africa.  This program is going to engage people, millions of people, and draw them into a conversation that will provoke thinking and change.

Those are some of the reasons why we are here. We are on a mission! Join the conversation and become the salt and light that Africa needs.